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Anticoagulation Therapy

An estimated 950,000 people (2% of the general practice population) in the UK are currently taking warfarin and the number continues to increase by about 10% each year primarily driven by its use for patients with arterial fibrillation. This increasing number of patients requiring anticoagulation therapy will make their efficient and effective management even more critical.

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The Abbott i-STAT® assists PCT's in managing anticoagulation therapy patients allowing them to monitor patients and adjust the patient's anticoagulation dose. With an analysis time for PT/INR of up to 5 minutes the Abbott i-STAT® can speed up clinical decision making and provides absolutely accurate, immediately accessible lab-equivalent test results.

Other i-STAT® cartridges for monitoring anticoagulation therapy include ACT Celite and ACT Kaolin.

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Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer is the second highest cause of cancer deaths in the UK, killing approximately 16,000 people annually, according to Department of Health statistics.  Bowel Cancer has few, if any, symptoms in the early stages but can be picked up early by detecting small amounts of blood in the stool.  Screening using faecal occult blood tests (FOBT) can significantly reduce the risk of death from bowel cancer.

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For thirty years, the Hemoccult® FOBT has been aiding physicians in detecting hidden blood in stool specimens as an early indication of colorectal cancer. More than 300 studies using Hemoccult® products – many of which were conducted over long periods of time with large numbers of participants- have been published in leading medical journals around the world. As a result of these studies, the American Cancer Society and other healthcare and medical agencies now recommend annual FOBT screening for people age 50 and older.

The Hemoccult® 40 guaiac test is a rapid, convenient and qualitative method for detecting faecal occult blood, which may be indicative of gastrointestinal disease, including colorectal cancer.

Hemoccult® ICT is the latest and most advanced FOBT in the Hemoccult product line.

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Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the UK's biggest killer, around one in five men and one in seven women die from the disease. CHD causes around 94,000 deaths in the UK each year.

In the UK, there are an estimated 2.6 million people living with the condition and angina (the most common symptom of coronary heart disease) affects 2 million people. CHD affects more men than women, and the chances of getting it increase with age.

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The Piccolo xpress™ offers rapid testing of lipid levels as an indicator of CHD.  Lipid Panel for testing lipid levels and Lipid Panel Plus reagent disc which was developed specifically for testing lipid levels of patients on Statins as it also includes liver enzymes.  These reagent panels deliver results in 3 simple steps and approximately 12 minutes giving healthcare professionals rapid, critical diagnostic information at the point of care.

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Diabetes Management

With 2.9 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and a further estimated 850,000 people undiagnosed, diabetes is a common life-long health condition.

Monitoring diabetes is crutial in preventing some of the complications associated with this condition.  Day-to-day monitoring of blood glucose and checking longer term blood glucose levels, glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c), are part of every diabetic patient's diabetes mangement plan.

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The DiaSys Innovastar®, coming soon to POCT Ltd, offers a new dimension in PoC testing for HbA1c.  A fully automatic, compact analyser for the daily practice that delivers the kind of performance you would expect from a laboratory instrument.

The On Call Advanced Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides a comprehensive solution for both healthcare professionals and diabetics. The On Call Advanced system offers many unique features to enable patients to better manage their diabetes anywhere, anytime. Simple accurate and versatile enough for hospital, clinic or home use.

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Heart Failure

As one of the leading causes of emergency hospital admissions, heart disease is a clear target for Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) looking to improve efficiency. Now more than ever. There’s an aging population – and instances of heart disease double with each decade. Added to that, survival rates of patients with other cardiovascular conditions are increasing.

Managing patients is complicated, not least because heart failure can result from so many separate or linked causes. It isn’t just about monitoring the health of the heart itself – but assessing the condition of the circulation, lungs, neuroendocrine system and other organs.

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The Abbott i-STAT® assists PCTs in managing heart failure patients whilst helping them reduce admissions across their Trust. It does this by providing absolutely accurate, immediately accessible lab-equivalent test results across a range of parameters, including brain natriuretic peptide (BNP cartridge).

For PCTs and nurses – the ability to obtain this kind of information at clinics or even at patients’ homes simplifies the testing procedure and enhances the service delivery. There is no shortfall in the quality or range of testing available – indeed, the Abbott i-STAT® produces results across a wide range of specified parameters within minutes. 

Ultimately, having access to this kind of care in their own homes enables patients to feel more invested in their treatment. This in turn reduces many of the anxieties associated with non Primary Care based assessment. It can even lead to reductions in unnecessary emergency admissions as patients feel more secure in the availability of home based care as and when they need it.

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Inflammation and CRP

Inflammation is one of the visible signs of the body reacting to infection, irritation or injury.  When inflammation is caused by infection, measuring CRP levels will help to establish if the cause is bacterial or viral.  This can help reduce over-prescription of antibiotics and reduce further visits to the surgery.

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The Piccolo xpress™ offers a reagent panel which includes CRP.  Metlyte Plus CRP can aid in the fast diagnosis of the cause of inflammation to allow the appropriate course of treament to be prescribed.

The DiaSys Innovastar®, coming soon to POCT Ltd, offers a new dimension in PoC testing for CRP. A fully automatic, compact analyser for the daily practice that delivers the kind of performance you would expect from a laboratory instrument.

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Metabolic Status

Metabolic disorders can present with a great diversity of signs and symptoms.  Measuring metabolic status is a primary tool in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with a metabolic disease.

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The Piccolo xpress™ offers rapid testing of specific analytes as an indicator of metabolic status including: 

This variety of metabolic panels which deliver results in 3 simple steps and approximately 12 minutes giving healthcare professionals rapid, critical diagnostic information at the point of care.

The Abbott i-STAT® offers a Chem8+ cartridge which is a basic metabolic panel for measuring metabolic status and renal function.

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Respiratory Disease and COPD

Approximately 900,000 people in the UK have been diagnosed with COPD in the UK but more recent research suggests that COPD may be hugely under-diagnosed.  Based on reported symptoms, over 3.2 million people may have the condition (that's as many as 1 in 10 people over 40).

COPD is the sixth most common cause of death in England and Wales, causing over 30,000 deaths a year. But it's estimated that by 2020 it will be the third biggest killer in the world – it's the only major cause of death that has increased significantly in recent years.

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Using the Abbott i-STAT® instrument, healthcare professionals can manage patients with respiratory disease and COPD more effectively, whilst keeping expensive emergency admissions to a bare minimum.

It’s not just patients’ bronchitis and emphysema we have to address, it’s their ability to live with it. If we can manage that, we can dramatically cut the cost of treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Managing patient anxiety.

For many COPD sufferers, fear is a big part of their lives – the fear that a sudden attack will leave them breathless, vulnerable and unable to call on help. That fear only exacerbates the symptoms – and is why so many patients call 999 at the first sign of difficulty.

Improving patient management and reducing costs.

Most Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) have been regularly spending over £100,000 per year on inappropriate or unused oxygen. This has been due to oxygen being prescribed without a proper oxygen assessment or whilst waiting for an assessment. A large and growing number of PCOs are now seeing immediate savings by expanding their oxygen assessment services into community or even home settings.

Technology at your disposal.

Armed with an Abbott i-STAT® respiratory nurses can conduct reliable, lab-accurate tests for blood gases in the patient’s own home.

It’s a proactive way of managing COPD – giving nurses the information they need to adjust patients’ treatment based on the results they get there and then. It significantly reduces precipitate hospital admissions – and keeps costs down for the Primary Care Trust (PCT).

Most importantly, it takes away a big part of the fear that (just as much as the condition itself) can debilitate a patient’s life. By reducing the likelihood of an emergency hospital admission, the respiratory nurse reduces patient stress levels – and helps to alleviate some of the fear that feeds breathlessness.

The i-STAT® technology is also self funding as even without the financial benefits of admission avoidance, the money saved on improved oxygen prescibing will pay for i-STAT® within a few months.
In the long term, that can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life; feeling better able to cope with their symptoms helps many COPD suffers to live a more active life.

We’re helping PCTs manage their patients’ COPD better. We can help you too.


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