GLUTOLE is a ready to use, pleasant tasting glucose solution for accurate dosing in glucose tolerance testing.

  • GLUTOLE is a one shot dose for use in oral glucose tolerance testing for the diagnosis of diabetes.
  • GLUTOLE can also be safely used to screen pregnant women in order to detect previously undiagnosed diabetes mellitus (gestational diabetes).
  • Standardised GLUTOLE solution has been shown to be well tolerated in a number of long term studies.

    PROVEN TO DELIVER: Whiston Hospital Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory 

“We are happy to recommend Glutole for GTT testing. It is very convenient for the lab and is very acceptable to our patients. We are also asked to send out pre-prepared solutions to our GP partners and Glutole has proved a very useful and economic way of doing this"
Darren Ames. Clinical Biochemistry Service Manager, Whiston Hospital.


One 330ml bottle of GLUTOLE contains 75g glucose, the dose recommended by WHO for adults in Glucose Tolerance Testing


• GLUTOLE is delivered in sealed, soft plastic bottles – safe and easy to store.

• GLUTOLE is a slightly carbonated drink with a pleasant taste of cola.

• GLUTOLE is easy to drink and children like it too.

• Guaranteed manufacturing gives a 3 years shelf life when stored at room temperature.

• GLUTOLE is manufactured under ISO13485 quality system and the relevant standards set by the European pharmacopoeia GMP.


GLUTOLE: Ready to use single dose liquid for Glucose Tolerance Tests

• Ready-made 75g dose - saves staff time and can easily be used when needed.

• Standardised glucose concentration – simple use, no need to measure out

• Pleasant taste of cola – minimal reflux or vomiting

• Easy to use - no dilution or measurement required

• Long expiry date – easy to store and stock control

• Sealed plastic bottles – safe, light and convenient

• Storage at room temperature – refrigeration not required

• Can be used at the point of care in hospital departments, laboratories and GP surgeries




 For distribution within Scotland and Northern Ireland


Tel: 01241 439 020





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